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Brickhouse Self Storage, Senoia, GA WINNER 2020
  • Brickhouse Self Storage, Senoia, GA - Winner 2020
  • Red Carpet Self Storage, Franklin, TN - Winner 2017
  • StorageWorx Self Storage, Longon, Ontario - Winner 2012
  • iStore Self Storage, Birmingham, AL - Winner 2011
  • Store Self Storage, Plam Beach Gardens, FL - Winner 2009
  • CityStorage, Atlanta, GA - Winner 2009
  • Security Self Storage, Westlake, OH - Winner 2008
  • Plantation Storage, Myrtle Beach, SC - Winner 2008
  • Akamai Self Storage, Ewa Beach, HI - Winner 2006
  • Elmwood Self Storage, New Orleans, LA - Winner 2004
  • Plantation Self Storage, Lexington, SC - Winner 2001
  • Plantation Self Storage, Bluffton, SC - Winner 2000
2021 - Best Operational Consulting
2020 - Best Third-Party-Management Training
2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - Best Manager Training


-Lane MooreOwner, Moore Storage

"My brother and I opened Moore Storage with the idea that it would be a secondary business that wouldn’t consume a lot of our time. Our primary business is as a Petroleum Distributor. Well…. After about 5 years of attempting to operate Moore Storage we came to the conclusion that it was obviously going to need WAY more of our time than we originally had thought. We contacted USG and fortunately for us, our operation fit into their scope of properties that they would be willing to manage. USG came in and took over operations. We handed them quite a mess as we didn’t even have contracts on all our tenants! The decision to use USG was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. They turned our operation around and have made it a success above and beyond our dreams. I would not even consider opening another location without using USG as our management company and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering outsourcing management of their self-storage facility."

-Scott UnderbrinkAccess Control Technologies

"I have been working with USG and its wonderful people for over 20 years and believe wholeheartedly that they are responsible for the elevated level of professionalism that the industry has seen in the last two decades. Universal Storage Group is unequivocally the best 3rd party management company in the industry."

-Rob HarveyUltra Storage

"I’ve been with USG for two years and all my experiences have been very positive. They’re a great trustworthy company and a pleasure to work with."

-Donna Morgan-EsquibelStorage Auctions

"We cannot say enough great things about Universal Storage Group and its team. When selecting your vendors and management partners it comes down to the people, processes, and results. The team at USG sets the standard in all of these categories and continues to show why they’re such a trusted name in the industry. Our team works closely with them as a vendor partner so we get to see firsthand how much care and effort they put into delivering their customers success. If you’re looking for a great partner, look no further than USG."

-Barden BrownManaging Director - Multifamily Investment Sales and Lending

"USG took over management of our 11-property portfolio in August of 2020 and the results were immediate. Their revenue management program has been instant and effective. Collections went up by 15% within the first six months while expenses were in-line with the budget they presented up front. The whole team has been a pleasure as well."

-Bo BrownPresident

"I have had the pleasure to have used Universal Storage group to manage my properties for over 20 years and I can say with complete confidence that USG are experts in all facets of the self storage industry. The company is a professionally run organization from their onsite managers all the way up to the corporate officers. Everyone is pleasant, knowledgeable, focused and results oriented. What makes their company great are the people who work there. USG have the talented people who understand how to drive revenue, control costs while continuing to improve the asset. USG is a well-run, well capitalized management company that has tremendous resources available to make your facility successful. I consider USG as a ‘best in class’ self-storage management company and the people who work there are true professionals."

-Rosemary FrameOwner

"Well, it has been one year since we began our adventure together and our family wants to thank you all [at USG] for a job superbly done! There was no hesitation on your part even with the urgent (yet seamless) changes in your protocols required by the Coronavirus pandemic. Your team has jumped in with a great attitude and improved our operation in many clearly definable ways and as we move forward, we look ahead with optimism to continuing to adapt to change and modernization under your leadership. Please express our gratitude to your entire team and our continuing wish for the health and well-being of everyone."

-Tammy CarriggManager

"You will be BLOWN AWAY by the support you will receive from Home Office!"

-Sharon PallasDirector of Training

"25 Years with USG from Receptionist to Director of Training! I think that says it all about my USG family."

-Vicki CrimManager

"Working for USG is like working with your family, they care for you always."

-Carol HernandezManager

"I have been working with USG for almost 7 years now and I can honestly say that this is the first job ever that I actually look forward to coming into work every day! We are more like a family than a company. Everyone is always willing to help each other out no matter what it may be, even if you need to vent! This is the BEST company hands down!"

-Jim PooleyManager

"We are the best storage marketing company in the world. My parents would be proud that my management and marketing degree has been put to good use working for a GREAT company."

-Lori SmithManager

"Working with USG is the best!! When they say you’re family, they mean it. I have been with them for 3 years and I have always felt appreciated and like family."

-Jennifer SmithManager

"I have never in my professional career ever felt so cared about, and that someone has my back as I do by my Area Manager Madelyn Still and by my company as a whole."

-Ashleyjean EllisManager

"I have worked for small businesses and large corporations; I have never seen a big business operate on a small business platform with such amazing ease. Thank you for caring SO much about us."

-Jesse BrasherManager

"USG invests a massive amount of time into their employees in order for them to succeed not only in the Self-Storage industry, but also in life. I could not imagine working for a better company."

What We Do For You

We Drive Engagement and Motivate Your Property Managers

  • Improved employee benefits including health care, 401k, flexible spending accounts, aflac, and more
  • Award-winning initial and continual training programs including year-round online training & communications interface, plus our annual company training and awards banquet weekend
  • State-of-the-art user-friendly technology
  • Devoted area manager and corporate support

We Actively Increase Your Facility Revenues

  • Leading-edge marketing = more traffic to the site = more leases
  • Rental trucks, boxes & supplies, and other ancillary opportunities
  • Increased customer storage insurance commissions
  • In-house coordinated, monthly online auctions: enforce late fees, improve collections, and free up units
  • Establishing unit mix and price structure, as well as fee structure and policy for late and other charges

We Provide REIT-Scale Benefits for Your Facility and You

  • Cloud-based filing system = very low postage costs
  • Complete accounting system including maintaining operating account and all vendor payments
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Property insurance review = savings
  • Technology implementations and savings, including websites, internet marketing, digital leading, sitelink web edition, web-based training & more
  • Complete human resources, payroll, and health care, including all necessary employment records and deductions as required by federal and state laws

You Enjoy Superior Reporting & Connectivity

  • Online report access anytime
  • Full financial report & earnings deposit by the 15th of each month
  • Monthly wonder meetings or calls with area manager (online or in person)
  • Speak with a leadership team member almost anytime (they have to sleep sometime!)

Have Questions?

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