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Consulting Services

Proven Value Beyond Price

Creating Tailor-Made Solutions

USG can do as little or as much as is needed to help you get ahead.

Consulting Solutions May Include:

  • Review and analysis of current staff and operations
  • Manager training and evaluations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Custom training or management solutions
  • Marketing plan development
  • Start-Ups
  • Due Diligence for purchasing a new site
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Comparable local facilities market study
  • Site design and layout
  • Market Research as indicated for property development
  • Suggested store style and interior design
  • Building layouts & unit mix
  • Finish material specifications for office and apartment if applicable
  • Gate and access points and all operational considerations
  • Five-year detailed proforma income and expense projections
  • Any other custom-tailored project that will help you move ahead

Watch Our Video Testimonial from Dean Booty

"USG is a 'best in class' self-storage management company..."
- Bo Brown, President
Greystone Brown
"USG improved our operation in many clearly definable ways..."
- Rosemary Frame, Owner
Abbey’s Attic Self Storage Center
"USG turned our operation around and have made it a success..."
- Lane Moore, Owner
Moore Storage
"USG is a great trustworthy company and a pleasure to work with."
- Rob Harvey, Owner
Ultra Storage
"USG sets the standard in people, processes, and results"
- Donna Morgan-Esquibel
Storage Auctions
"USG's revenue management program has been instant and effective..."
- Barden Brown, Managing Director
Greystone Brown
"USG is unequivocally the best in the industry."
- Scott Underbrink
Access Control Technologies
"USG invests a massive amount of time into their employees in order for them to succeed."
- Jesse Brasher, Manager, USG Trainer
Red Carpet Self Storage
"25 Years with USG … I think that says it all about my USG family."
- Sharon Pallas, Director of Training
Universal Storage Group
"Working for USG is like working with family, they care for you always."
- Vicki Crim, Manager
Abby's Attic Storage
"You will be BLOWN AWAY by the support you will receive."
- Tammy Carigg, Manager
All Safe Storage
"Everyone is always willing to help each other no matter what."
- Vigilant Self Storage
Carol Hernandez, Manager, USG Trainer
"USG is the best storage marketing company in the world."
- Jim Pooley, Manager
Spring Valley Storage & Business Center
"At USG I have always felt appreciated and like family."
- Lori Smith, Manager
First USA Storage
"I have never in my professional career ever felt so cared about, and that someone has my back."
- Jennifer Smith, Manager
Comfort Storage
"I have never seen a big business operate on a small business platform with such amazing ease."
- Ashleyjean Ellis, Manager
Comfort Storage

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